More news about Silverlight from Microsoft

Silverlight out-of-browser apps: Launch
Silverlight 3 offline/out-of-browser apps maintain a sticky presence on your desktop upon the initial detach (install) operation. They can be looked up and launched in an experience not unlike the one you see with conventional desktop applications. You…(rea…

Green IT/Dev session on Earth Day via Live meeting 4/22 at 4pm EST.
4-5PM EST on Wednesday April 22. See Live Meeting link and information at end of this blog post. Green IT/Development/Architecture/SQL Professional DBA activities are a component of what has has been touted as the next Internet (check Juval Lowy’s UTube media clip on the EnergyNet, of which Green IT/Dev/Architecture is a subset).  It…

Recomendações gerais para a construção de serviços
Olá pessoal, tudo certo?…
Conforme combinado, vamos falar hoje de algumas dicas e ferramentas para a construção de serviços. Preparei uma lista com algumas direções para as várias questões envolvidas com o chamado %26ldquo;chão-de-fábrica%26rdquo; na construção de serviços de SOA.
E quais são essas questões? Vejamos algumas:

Click on the link above the excerpt to read more.


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