Microsoft blog posts about Silverlight

Silverlight out-of-browser apps: Launch
Silverlight 3 offline/out-of-browser apps maintain a sticky presence on your desktop upon the initial detach (install) operation. They can be looked up and launched in an experience not unlike the one you see with conventional desktop applications. You…(rea…

PhotoZoom Becomes DeepZoomPix
Remember PhotoZoom? The online application that made your everyday photos into deep zoomable pics? Well, it’s now called, perhaps more descriptively: %26ldquo;DeepZoomPix.%26rdquo; This new technology uses Silverlight to display the …

Photosynth’s New Features: Highlights and Cross-Platform Viewer
I missed this update from earlier this month, but it looks like Microsoft Photosynth has added a couple of new features. The first new feature is really more of a change than anything else. It seems the previously experimental …

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