Microsoft blog posts about SharePoint

Upcoming User Group events (BESUG, SQLUG, VISUG)
An update is due with all upcoming events organized by the very active user groups. But first: save the date for Community Day is back on June 25th 2009. Registration will open in the coming weeks, be sure to register in time as places are limite…

Solving the Dashboard Dilemma – Choosing the Right BI Tools for your Job
There’s a funny thing about business intelligence: people are baffled by the technologies involved in building insights but the most challenging things about the discipline have little to do with technology. I’ll grant that using PIVOT and GROUPING SET queries is not trivial but any developer can figure those out in an afternoon. Where I see peo…

This Week on C9: Office 2010, PowerShell for OpenXML, and would you help a robot
This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian discuss the week’s top developer news including: …

– Office 14 is now Office 2010, Exchange 2010 beta is now available, and SharePoint will be SharePoint 2010. Office 2010 includes cool featur

Click on the link above the excerpt to read more.


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