Interesting posts on Azure on Microsoft blogs

A %26ldquo;New Solutions Era%26rdquo; for the Three Clouds
There is an extensive discussion on what the %26ldquo;cloud%26rdquo; definition and standards should be, benefits and risks, but this is a distraction of more critical issues: How the industry players will collaborate en deliver the software services is a complex discussion. We can expect hosters to get vertical focus, par…

Abril 19, 2009. %26ldquo;Nueva era%26rdquo; de Soluciones y las 3 nubes
Han pasado seis meses desde el anuncio de Microsoft Azure en PDC y mi reflexión del estado del Web en América Latina describiendo el potencial de la misma. Hay una confusión en el mercado sobre el significado de la %26ldquo;nube%26rdquo;: Para unos es simplemente una nueva forma de SOA que crea puentes entre plataformas heterogéneas. Algunos lo consideran %26ldquo;todo lo…

Watch a “How Do I?” Video to Get Started Developing with Windows Azure
New to Windows Azure? This video shows you what you need to download and install, and how to create a simple “Hello World” Windows Azure application….

Click on the link above the excerpt to read more.


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