WPF news at Microsoft

WPF LinkLabel
WPF doesn’t have a built in LinkLabel control as you’d find in WinForms. But, I have found a couple of neat ways of doing one in WPF. The first was creating a new WPF control that derives from Label and then adds functionality to have it behave like a hyperlink. While this will certainly work, it’s more work than I was hoping that it would …

Learning WPF at the WPF LOB tour and XAMLFest events
There seems to be a lot of buzz around Silverlight lately and I admit, I like it :-). But I also think that there is a huge misconception about Silverlight replacing WPF . I get emails a lot about people asking me questions about Silverlight and after…(

This Is Your GPS On WPF
Over at IStartedSomething.com, Long has a very cool post about a company called Better Place. In addition to a nice TED presentation, Better Place as a better face for the average car GPS as part of their electric car system …

Click on the link above the excerpt to read more.


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